We all now that getting from A to B while on vacation or on a business trip can be stressful. Often you are in a new place and you don’t know your way around. If you are vacationing with the kids that’s an added stress. If you chose to save those extra few pennies and rent a compact vehicle then you may very well be in for one of the most terrible experiences of your life. Fortunately there is a solution – don’t do it. If you are going to be enjoying your down time and are exploring somewhere new – especially if that vacation has been saved for a and planned well advance – make hiring a luxury car part of that planning process.

The pleasure of having a luxury car rental as part of the entire holiday experience in a cool place like Italy should never be underestimated. It makes everything that you do with friends and family just that much more pleasant.

Half of the adventure of a holiday is exploring. You could do that in a smaller and plainer vehicle but it starts to become very unpleasant – especially if the passengers are crowded together.

It upsets everyone and by the time you get to your destination everyone is basically in a mood that puts a damper on even the most fascinating and fun experience.

It is far more pleasant to hire a luxury vehicle – especially one that has plenty of space for the entire party to relax and arrive at the end point in a great mood and ready to enjoy the attraction – and each other’s company.

If you take into account that costs are usually shared among the entire party there really is no good reason to avoid hiring a luxury vehicle. They are incredible to drive, they are comfortable and sharing those costs means that they are affordable and they simply make the vacation experience much more fun for everyone involved.

If the purpose of the travel is business then it may be even more important to pay that little bit extra for a luxury vehicle. The stress of business travel is sufficient to place strain on even the most seasoned of executives – and saving that little bit on car hire doesn’t pay dividends when it comes to productivity.

It is far more preferable to arrive at a business meeting relaxed and focused than it is to be irritable, tired and stressed. And every one of those symptoms is almost guaranteed if you are going to be driving a smaller and less comfortable car – especially in unfamiliar territory.

So hiring a luxury car makes sense for every single traveler – whether they are alone or in a group. The cost differential is not that great and it simply pays huge dividends when it comes to comfort and driving enjoyment – and enjoying the entire travel experience. A luxury vehicle is not that much of a luxury – sometimes its an absolute necessity.